Maintain a Healthy Smile

Establishing a relationship with a trusted, experienced dental professional is key to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. We offer cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry thorough general dentistry services to help you and your family maintain optimal oral health. During routine visits to our dental office, we provide cleanings and oral cancer screenings. If you have plaque or bacteria below the gum line, our periodontal treatments are a non-surgical solution that can help you achieve a healthy foundation for your smile. We also offer preventative solutions especially for children, including dental sealants and fluoride solution applications.

When it comes to maintaining outstanding oral health, daily brushing and flossing is only half the battle. It is very important to visit a dentist regularly for thorough checkups and cleanings. In addition to providing amazing restorative and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Savas and his team help patients achieve healthy teeth and gums, and can identify potential complications in their very earliest stages. From young children to seniors, we are passionate about helping patients of all ages to achieve the best possible oral health!

General Dentistry Overview

  • Checkups and Screenings

    Even those with the most dedicated daily routine of brushing and flossing can experience the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on their teeth. A thorough teeth cleaning in our dental office can give you a healthy blank slate between checkups. We offer non-surgical periodontal treatments that can clean the outer surface of your tooth roots and eliminate bacteria deposits that occur below the gum line. Checkups also include an oral cancer screening that can identify potential complications that may not be visibly apparent. Your oral health has a profound effect on every aspect of your health, and we recommend visiting us for a thorough cleaning twice a year.

  • Fluoride and Sealants

    When it comes to oral health, it is never too early to start taking measures to ensure healthy smiles for the rest of your children’s lives. Two very beneficial treatments for children are fluoride application and dental sealants. After cleaning your child’s teeth, we can apply a special fluoride solution to the surface of the teeth. The solution will gradually release fluoride, helping the teeth maintain a strong resistance to decay.

    Sealants help make your child’s brushing more effective. The chewing surfaces of the back teeth have several deep grooves and pits that can be difficult to clean, making them prime areas for the development of tooth decay. A dental sealant is a very thin plastic coating that fills these fine indentions, making it easier to keep the teeth clean.

  • Nightguards

    Teeth grinding during sleep is a common problem that can cause your teeth to quickly become worn and damaged. This condition can also result in headaches, neck pain, earaches, insomnia, and other painful symptoms. We can create comfortable custom night guards that will prevent nighttime teeth grinding. We also create custom mouth guards for patients who play contact sports.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    We offer Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) which can help make your dental visits easier if you are a patient who experiences dental anxiety.

  • Reversal Anesthesia

    Do you have something important to do after your dental appointment? We offer reversal anesthesia which makes the local anesthesia wear off in half the time. Just ask Dr. Savas for it at your next appointment!