Custom Solutions for Missing or Damaged Teeth

dental-crowns-worcester-dentistWe provide custom-made tooth-shaped prosthetics to replace missing teeth and protect teeth that have become weakened by damage or decay. After a tooth has been treated for decay, it can serve as an anchor for a crown, which will restore balance and an attractive appearance to your smile. Crowns can also restore a dental implant. A bridge can close a gap left by a missing tooth, using adjacent dental crowns or a dental implant as an anchor.

By using advanced in-house CEREC® technology, we can take a digital impression of your teeth and use it to create a custom crown, bridge, inlay or onlay for you in a single visit.  The material we use; Emax, with the CEREC technology is the highest level of ceramic quality. There are no porcelain to metal crowns where you can see the metal. Now you can leave our dental office with a healthy, functional and beautiful smile in one visit!

Choosing to restore your smile with crowns and bridges provides a wealth of benefits. In addition to helping you regain a smile that looks complete, healthy and beautiful, there are numerous health benefits. Bridges can help you avoid having a tooth pulled if there is enough healthy tooth structure to serve as an anchor. Meanwhile, your crown will help you to chew properly, and protect the remaining portions of your natural tooth. Bridges are important in preventing the unwanted shifting of teeth following the loss of a tooth. If left untreated, teeth can begin to crowd toward a gap in your smile. A bridge can help maintain proper spacing among your teeth, keeping your smile balanced, easy-to-clean, and beautiful.